Neovagina smells terrible; SRS victim “not sure” if anyone can smell it while wearing clothes

This victim describes their neovagina as “funky foul” despite multiple attempts at washing per day. Unfortunately, washing will not help because (as posted earlier on this blog) neovaginas are a hotbed of bacteria which will not simply go away with a cleaning. It should be considered medical malpractice if a surgeon fails to inform SRS patients of the very likely risk of this sort of thing happening.

“The vaginal cavity is plenty of necrosis… I regret having gone through SRS.”

Wherever possible, I like to lead with the actual words typed by a victim of SRS. TRAs like to pretend that this is all made up by so-called “TERFs” to discourage trans people from undergoing SRS, but every screenshot posted on this blog came from a trans person who deeply regrets the surgery.

The story below details chronic pain and tissue necrosis – both common side-effects of SRS. The unique twist, though, is that these complications set in a year after the surgery. This proves that complications can occur at any time, even after you think that you’re “in the clear.” Is it really worth the risk?

“I feel like a freak. I feel like I have been disfigured.”

If you go to any trans forum and ask about SRS results, you will probably hear the “party line” that SRS results are almost always perfect and that not even a gynecologist can tell the difference. Unfortunately, those who actually undergo this surgery are confronted with a stark reality. In the below case, this SRS victim had two botched surgeries resulting in “near constant pain” and their “urethra permanently exposed.” It’s time to end this barbaric practice.

Fistula Feces Fiesta

One of the most common SRS complications is the fantastic, fabulous fistula – a hole that connects the neovagina canal directly to the poop chute. The male anatomy was never designed to have a canal tunnel there, so it’s likely for these to form. In the below instance, the SRS victim “farted” from their vagina and subsequently defecated out of their neovagina.

There were no follow-up posts, so we don’t know for sure, but there is a good likelihood that this individual is still pooping out of their neovagina.

This is the kind of story that TRAs want to silence.

Good things on the way, Part 2

Whew. A lot has happened while I was away!

It looks like Reddit banned /r/GenderCritical as well as /r/TrollGC along with other feminist subreddits. Of course, pro-rape and pro-abuse subreddits were left untouched. TRAs and Incels cheered. Very cool, Reddit! Great job.

A toxic mix of virtue signaling and concern about negative PR often leads these providers to censor opinions considered unpalatable to the internet’s legion of crybullies. In fact, users from /r/GenderCynical tried to start a campaign to have my old webhost, Namecheap, remove me from their service. It didn’t work. Although complaints were made, Namecheap did not give in.

Out of an abundance of caution, I decided to migrate my website to Epik, a web host that has no problem with controversy. Given that there is now a greater degree of freedom, I will be posting NSFW pictures of surgery outcomes so that the world will be more educated about the very real harms of SRS. Don’t worry: these pictures will be placed under a cut, so you won’t randomly run across them.

Why is this important? Because TRAs actively suppress information regarding bad outcomes in SRS. Take the below post from Reddit, for example, in which a trans woman wonders if their doctor should be reported to the board of medicine for discussing the various complications that can arise from SRS.

I don’t hate trans people. In fact, I want trans people to make educated decisions regarding their medical care. That’s why we have to fight censorship.

Good things on the way!

I’m sorry for the drop-off in activity. I received a major promotion at work in January, and it ended up taking all my time. I’m also in the process of moving this domain to a censorship-free registrar, and when that’s done, you can expect much more content. Thanks! Love you all.

SRS victim farts through their neovagina

One possible consequence of SRS in male-to-female transgenders is that a fistula (hole) may form between the neovagina and the rectum. This is because, of course, the male form was not designed to have a vagina. Consequently, this complication is all-too-frequent and is perhaps one of the worst complications for this surgery.

Some individuals will fart through their neovagina, as detailed in the screenshot below. Others, with a larger fistula, will actually defecate through the neovagina. I have one of those examples in my big book of SRS complications, but for now, read the following story and ask yourself – is this something I really want to experience?

Some promoters of SRS will say – “don’t worry, if you have a fistula, it can be closed by the surgeon.” Note that in the following story, the surgeon was unable to close the fistula and it has remained open for “almost a year.” Presumably, this fistula still exists, and this person is still farting through their neovagina.

Neovagina Gone Wrong Makes MTF Suicidal: Felt “Blinded by Promises”

In my last post, I discussed the harm caused by concealing reports of surgical complications. That discussion was in the abstract – what follows is a story of how this works in the real world.

Here is a heartbreaking story of an MTF who felt “blinded by promises.” They “thought that SRS would be that last little mile. A ticket to a normal life as a woman.” What they received was blood, discharge, scar tissue, and a neovagina that looks far from authentic. The full story is below. This is sourced from Reddit with the username redacted for privacy. They expressed suicidal thoughts as of the time of that post. I’m not sure if they’re still alive right now.

It’s hard to read this story and not feel some empathy for the person who wrote it. This is why NVD continues to exist, despite all the attempts to bury these stories. (By the way, I read on Reddit that they’ve already contacted my hosting provider with complaints – and my hosting provider told them to get lost!)

As you read this story, bear in mind that this individual was “blinded by promises” because activists do whatever they can to silence stories of complications.