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Neovagina Gone Wrong Makes MTF Suicidal: Felt “Blinded by Promises”

In my last post, I discussed the harm caused by concealing reports of surgical complications. That discussion was in the abstract – what follows is a story of how this works in the real world.

Here is a heartbreaking story of an MTF who felt “blinded by promises.” They “thought that SRS would be that last little mile. A ticket to a normal life as a woman.” What they received was blood, discharge, scar tissue, and a neovagina that looks far from authentic. The full story is below. This is sourced from Reddit with the username redacted for privacy. They expressed suicidal thoughts as of the time of that post. I’m not sure if they’re still alive right now.

It’s hard to read this story and not feel some empathy for the person who wrote it. This is why NVD continues to exist, despite all the attempts to bury these stories. (By the way, I read on Reddit that they’ve already contacted my hosting provider with complaints – and my hosting provider told them to get lost!)

As you read this story, bear in mind that this individual was “blinded by promises” because activists do whatever they can to silence stories of complications.

Why is it so controversial to talk about surgical complications?

If you’ve been following the comments on my last two blog posts, you’ve probably noticed the level of vitriol directed at me – all because I’m sharing the real-world consequences of SRS. Some people devote quite a lot of time and effort into getting worked up over this subject. I’ve been called, for example, a “crypto-fascist feminazi bitch” for wanting trans people to know what they’re getting into before they go under the knife. I mean, maybe “bitch” is fair – I haven’t had emotions ever since Tara died on Buffy. But I’m definitely not a feminazi. *slides my Polish invasion plans back inside my Lisa Frank trapper-keeper*

Annnnyway, before we actually get into the nitty-gritty of the neovagina disasters, I wanted to talk a little bit about why this is such a touchy subject for many people. Outside observers might wonder, “why do trans people get so pissed off when SRS surgical complications are shared?” The answer is simple: SRS is as much a political statement as it is a surgical procedure.

This screenshot from Reddit demonstrates how trans people have a certain devotion to SRS, which is being called “GRS” in this post – a devotion so strong that they would rather not share their own “complications and trauma” because it would make the surgery look bad.

SRS enjoys a certain degree of reverence in the trans community. It is often seen as the end goal of transitioning. Although many MTF people choose to keep their penises, SRS has historically been known as the final step – and many pre-surgical Reddit/Facebook/Blog posts will express a sentiment to the effect of “whew, I’m finally going to be done!”

If you hang around trans websites long enough, you’ll start to pick up the lingo. “Pre-everything” means someone who has not taken any kind of medical steps toward transitioning. “Pre-HRT” means, specifically, someone who has not taken hormones yet. And “pre-op” means someone who has not gotten SRS. These are basically the three major milestones of transitioning to many trans people: coming out, taking hormones, getting SRS. Of course, there are other surgical procedures such as facial feminization surgery or tracheal shave, but these are not quite as iconic as SRS.

Granted, many (perhaps most) MTFs do not have the resources to get SRS. It’s expensive and not all insurance plans cover it. But it’s often seen as the final step in a long journey, and for that reason, criticizing SRS is tantamount to criticizing transitioning. It’s like saying, “you will never be who you want to be, because the surgical hole between your legs will not be a vagina.” And that’s considered highly offensive.

This is only made worse by the discourse in the trans community regarding SRS. It’s become almost a meme that MTFs will claim “your neovagina will be indistinguishable from a cis vagina – not even a gynecologist could tell the difference!” I’ve seen some (pre-op) MTFs tell prospective surgery candidates to bring a photograph of a vagina you like to your doctor, as if you were bringing a photograph to your hairdresser. And in society-at-large, there’s an assumption that some kind of sexual reassignment surgery exists and when you come out the other end, you’re probably indistinguishable from an actual woman. Although the “I didn’t know she was a man!” punchline is not at all designed to be supportive of trans people, it does reflect a common misunderstanding that the surgery is pretty good – or at least, good enough to fool the average person.

The reality, though, is quite different. As you will see as we continue our journey through the Disaster Zone, SRS is prone to many complications – which go underreported, as we see in the screenshot above, because SRS is sacrosanct and criticism is not permitted. These complications include necrosis (dead tissue – parts of the neovagina fall off), fistulas (holes between the vagina and rectum which causes the MTF to defecate through the neovagina), infections, bad odors, lack of orgasm, and so much more. Plus, they are not even remotely close to a real vagina in terms of appearance. Even the absolute best cases are noticeably different than a real vagina.

This project is designed to be compassionate and educational. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I, as a “TERF”, care more about trans people than the individual in the screenshot above. While they want to conceal their botched surgery so that others will not be dissuaded from following them down that path, I want people to have informed consent and to understand the risks. And that’s what prompts so much hatred.

It’s a mess. SRS is a surgery, but it’s also an important piece of trans culture and is therefore political as well. But the politics surrounding SRS should never, ever, ever be an excuse to conceal the very real complications so that it can go forward without criticism.

If that makes you hate me, then fine. I find the angry comments amusing. The truth will keep coming, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

With that being said, I plan on updating this blog about twice a week. I will mostly focus on the disasters but will occasionally make a post like this to discuss the circumstances surrounding SRS in the trans community. Any graphic images in these posts will be clickable links, so you can feel free to read this blog in Starbucks if you like. No adult content will be hosted on these servers but rather on places like Imgur and so forth.

Thank you for reading, and if you’ve gotten this far, please flame me in the comments!

Banned from Reddit: Electric Banaloo

“The truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.”

Anti-free speech advocates celebrated when my subreddit, /r/NeovaginaDisasters, was banned yesterday. As we speak, male redditors are cheering as they revel in the misogynistic joy found in silencing women’s voices. There’s nothing better than making an uppity woman shut up, amirite? (Too bad I won’t stay silent!)

Anyway, as you’ve probably guessed, the subreddit ban was without justification – and so was my user account ban. Since people have asked what the circumstances were surrounding these bans, I thought I’d share. To summarize it quickly: my subreddit was banned without warning or explanation, and when I asked why, I was banned too. This highlights just how biased the Reddit admins actually are.

Of course, I’m sure that this won’t matter to our detractors. In fact, they probably get some kind of sick pleasure in knowing that we were banned without justification. It probably makes it better for them to know that we were kicked off solely for wrongthink and not for bad behavior. Nevertheless, I’ll share the story.

On Friday morning, I woke up to several private messages asking why my subreddit was banned. Of course, I had received no warning from the admins, nor did I even receive notification that the subreddit was banned.

I had never once received a complaint or a notification that we were breaking Reddit rules in any way. Male-dominated subreddits like /r/The_Donald or /r/AgainstHateSubreddits have been warned in such a manner. Apparently, the same courtesy is not extended toward women. I wonder why.

In any event, I sent in a request to the Reddit admins to ask why it had been banned and what could be done to unban it.

I wondered what response I would receive. I figured that it was a foregone conclusion that the subreddit would stay banned. The content never violated Reddit rules, so the admins could not point to any violating content.

That evening, I received my response – although it was not in the form that I expected. The Reddit admins provided no justification as to the subreddit ban, but rather, banned me in retaliation for even asking why.


Yes, that’s right – I was banned for posting content that supposedly “encourages, glorifies, incites, or calls for violence or physical harm against an individual or a group of people.”

Absolute BS, but let’s follow that link and see what we find.

The so-called “violent content” was found in a comment that I had made in response to a photo of a TIM brandishing a firearm and encouraging trans women to arm themselves with guns in a vaguely threatening tone.

What was my response?

Yes, that’s my comment that supposedly was “glorifying violence.”

Think about that for a second. This trans person brandishes a gun. I say that the difference between them and being a murderer is them having the opportunity to do that. I was criticizing violence, not supporting it. There’s no way that a rational person could possibly read this comment as supporting violence.

Of course, I pointed this out to them in a ban appeal which has thus far gone ignored. I am sure that I will never receive a response to it.

It looks like they received my request regarding my subreddit ban, and then went hunting in my post history to find anything they could possibly use to justify a user account ban – even though my comment had nothing to do with glorifying violence, and that’s an objective fact.

Laughable, but to be expected. Clearly, they wanted to find any excuse for banning me. I assume that the admins realized that they could never give a clear reason for why they banned /r/NeovaginaDisasters, so the only thing they could do is ban my account. Otherwise, I’d keep asking questions – and we can’t have a woman asking questions, can we?

Typical behavior by the Reddit admins. They like to pretend that they’re neutral and that they handle all cases appropriately and in line with the community standards, but that couldn’t be further from the case.

I’m not too broken up about it, although I find it pitiful and transparently misogynistic on the part of Reddit staff. So far, this blog has received more hits in the past day that I’d receive at /r/NVD in any random week – and I haven’t posted anything yet. We already have a far greater reach than we did on Reddit, and best of all – there’s no way for the anti-free speech crowd to censor us at this point.

I’d like to remind everyone that you can submit posts using the link above. I’d be glad to receive posts and continue the great work we’ve been doing since April. I’m sure that many supposed “trans advocates” would prefer that the complications of SRS simply be swept under the rug. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen.

Just remember – the truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

The Path Forward

Good news, everyone: I have almost every NVD submission backed up and will (eventually) repost all of them. I plan on doing some major work on this website over the weekend, after which I’ll bring back some of our greatest hits.

Not only are we more censorship-resistant, this format seems much better for communicating complex information than Reddit ever was. I’m looking forward to how this will turn out!

Welcome to NVD!

Now free from Reddit censorship. NVD is the internet’s largest community dedicated to sharing the truth about the bad outcomes and horrifying complications associated with “Sex Reassignment Surgery” (SRS). This truth is considered “forbidden knowledge” by some people, but the truth is the truth.

I have all our old posts backed up and will be reposting them here over the next week or so.

Thank you for joining us! Be sure to link our blog everywhere you can. If you’d like to be an approved submitter, please leave a comment.