Month: August 2020

Good things on the way, Part 2

Whew. A lot has happened while I was away!

It looks like Reddit banned /r/GenderCritical as well as /r/TrollGC along with other feminist subreddits. Of course, pro-rape and pro-abuse subreddits were left untouched. TRAs and Incels cheered. Very cool, Reddit! Great job.

A toxic mix of virtue signaling and concern about negative PR often leads these providers to censor opinions considered unpalatable to the internet’s legion of crybullies. In fact, users from /r/GenderCynical tried to start a campaign to have my old webhost, Namecheap, remove me from their service. It didn’t work. Although complaints were made, Namecheap did not give in.

Out of an abundance of caution, I decided to migrate my website to Epik, a web host that has no problem with controversy. Given that there is now a greater degree of freedom, I will be posting NSFW pictures of surgery outcomes so that the world will be more educated about the very real harms of SRS. Don’t worry: these pictures will be placed under a cut, so you won’t randomly run across them.

Why is this important? Because TRAs actively suppress information regarding bad outcomes in SRS. Take the below post from Reddit, for example, in which a trans woman wonders if their doctor should be reported to the board of medicine for discussing the various complications that can arise from SRS.

I don’t hate trans people. In fact, I want trans people to make educated decisions regarding their medical care. That’s why we have to fight censorship.

Good things on the way!

I’m sorry for the drop-off in activity. I received a major promotion at work in January, and it ended up taking all my time. I’m also in the process of moving this domain to a censorship-free registrar, and when that’s done, you can expect much more content. Thanks! Love you all.