Month: January 2021

Neovagina Made From Colon Regularly Contracts and Spits Out Foul Mucus

On today’s episode of experimental surgery with bizarre side effects, we have this SRS victim who used a part of their colon to form the “neovagina.” Now it contracts regularly, much like colons are known to do, and spits out foul-smelling mucus as a result. This is a whole new level of body horror. It almost sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi dystopian novel.

Of course, the doctors don’t really know what to expect with this surgery. Every single SRS operation is an experiment. I know I say this a lot, but I can’t believe this is legal.

Email Contact Form Added

Hi everyone! I’ve noticed that people have been sending me messages through the “Submit a Post” feature, but that’s not really what it’s for. So I created a contact form that will send me an email directly. You can even send me links to neovagina disasters you find on the web through that, if you want.

It’s in the menu bar, but here’s the link:

MUCUS MONDAY: Neovagina spitting out hard balls of “colon mucus”

This SRS victim beseeches their fellow “colon girls” for advice – what should they do about these hard colon mucus balls that their neovagina regularly ejects? Personally, I don’t know. That sounds horrific. It’s almost like tonsil stones, but for the neovagina. This is what some people pay five figures for. Can you believe this surgery is even legal?

You’ll notice that they posted a picture of the “mucus balls.” I added a link underneath the screenshot, but please… think before you click. You can’t unsee it.

“The bloody bubble that’s protruding is actually my clit… I almost threw up all over the room.”

Welcome to 2021! I hope you had a good New Years, because I’m about to ruin it with another neovagina mishap. In this story, a SRS victim mistakes what is supposed to be their “clit” for surgical packing. Because, as we all know, that’s what a clitoris looks like – surgical packing. Actually, it doesn’t, but this underscores just how unnatural the results of SRS are.