About Us

Neovagina Disasters (“NVD”) is a community dedicated to spreading the truth about the harms of sexual reassignment surgery, sometimes called SRS or GRS. There is a substantial amount of misinformation spread about this surgery, with some claiming that a “neovagina” (the term for the cavity created by SRS) is “indistinguishable from a regular vagina” and that “gynecologists can’t tell the difference.” The reality is that outcomes are usually horrible and complications are terrible, including fistulas that cause feces to leak from the neovagina.

I started the Reddit community called “Neovagina Disasters” in 2018. It became wildly popular, with thousands of users sharing real-world stories of SRS failures. This drew the ire of various trans communities, who saw this information as damaging to their narrative. In November of 2019, the community was summarily banned, without explanation, by Reddit admins. In fact, I first learned about the community being banned by seeing a post on another subreddit. When I messaged the admins to ask why, they responded with a full account ban.

Almost immediately afterwards, I started this website to continue spreading this truthful information without worrying about viewpoint-based censorship. In 2020, we moved to a censorship-free webhost due to coordinated (albeit dismally unsuccessful) attempts to deplatform this website. We receive thousands of unique hits per month from people who are looking for the real, unfiltered truth about SRS.


I understand that on some social media sites, such as Saidit, there are communities using the name “Neovagina Disasters.” That’s perfectly fine, and I always support greater visibility for this issue. That being said, I do not have control over these communities, nor am I a moderator of any of them. So, if you have issues with them, there’s nothing I can do about that.