Email Contact Form Added

Hi everyone! I’ve noticed that people have been sending me messages through the “Submit a Post” feature, but that’s not really what it’s for. So I created a contact form that will send me an email directly. You can even send me links to neovagina disasters you find on the web through that, if you want.

It’s in the menu bar, but here’s the link:

MUCUS MONDAY: Neovagina spitting out hard balls of “colon mucus”

This SRS victim beseeches their fellow “colon girls” for advice – what should they do about these hard colon mucus balls that their neovagina regularly ejects? Personally, I don’t know. That sounds horrific. It’s almost like tonsil stones, but for the neovagina. This is what some people pay five figures for. Can you believe this surgery is even legal?

You’ll notice that they posted a picture of the “mucus balls.” I added a link underneath the screenshot, but please… think before you click. You can’t unsee it.

Good things on the way, Part 2

Whew. A lot has happened while I was away!

It looks like Reddit banned /r/GenderCritical as well as /r/TrollGC along with other feminist subreddits. Of course, pro-rape and pro-abuse subreddits were left untouched. TRAs and Incels cheered. Very cool, Reddit! Great job.

A toxic mix of virtue signaling and concern about negative PR often leads these providers to censor opinions considered unpalatable to the internet’s legion of crybullies. In fact, users from /r/GenderCynical tried to start a campaign to have my old webhost, Namecheap, remove me from their service. It didn’t work. Although complaints were made, Namecheap did not give in.

Out of an abundance of caution, I decided to migrate my website to Epik, a web host that has no problem with controversy. Given that there is now a greater degree of freedom, I will be posting NSFW pictures of surgery outcomes so that the world will be more educated about the very real harms of SRS. Don’t worry: these pictures will be placed under a cut, so you won’t randomly run across them.

Why is this important? Because TRAs actively suppress information regarding bad outcomes in SRS. Take the below post from Reddit, for example, in which a trans woman wonders if their doctor should be reported to the board of medicine for discussing the various complications that can arise from SRS.

I don’t hate trans people. In fact, I want trans people to make educated decisions regarding their medical care. That’s why we have to fight censorship.